Denver Tile & Flooring

Why hire just any handyman to install your tile floor? Tile floors are a serious investment for homeowners. They are wonderfully durable and perfect for the highest traffic areas of your home. But they also require knowledgeable technicians to install. If you want a beautiful flooring option that isn’t as susceptible to the dangers of moisture, humidity, and dirt, then you need to hire a tile flooring contractor. Our contractors can do an exceptional and professional installation. Correctly installed, a tile floor can last for years. You deserve the best.

Epic Home Repairs & Remodeling is the premier Denver tile company in Colorado. Whether you are seeking a minor repair or a full installation, our technicians have the expertise, knowledge, and motivation to provide you with incredible results at an affordable price. Give us a call today for a consultation and an estimate!

Our Tile Installation Services

Tile floor installation doesn’t begin and end with merely placing tiles correctly. The subfloor preparation required for a long-lasting tile floor is critical. You need a contractor who can determine the optimal subfloor preparation prior to installing your tiles. Sometimes that subfloor preparation might be a cement board flooring option. Sometimes it might require a tile backer base. Our flooring installation technicians can choose the right solution for your home. We’ll give you an accurate estimate for the materials we need. We can even ensure that your floor is correctly reinforced in the event that you choose a heavier tile option like slate. We’ll also fill the grout lines, and if necessary, we’ll return after the grout has cured to add an appropriate sealant that can prevent staining.

At Epic Home Repairs & Remodeling, we want to be every Colorado homeowner’s one-stop shop for repairs and renovation. That’s why we offer tile, laminate, and wood floor installation and repairs for an incredibly affordable price. We bank on our reputation, so you know you’ll always get premium service. Call today!

We Can Install Many Types of Flooring

We can install a variety of different types of flooring—if you don’t see the type of flooring you’re interested in on this list, contact us! Our contractors are trained in every standard flooring type available, as well as many non-standard flooring types. There are too many to list here.

We can install, repair, and replace:

  • Laminate flooring;
  • Ceramic tile flooring;
  • Slate flooring;
  • Cork flooring;
  • Marble flooring; and
  • Porcelain flooring.

If your installed flooring suffers from chips, breaks, or stains, we are very happy to repair it.

We do much more than tile floor installation! Our team of technicians has training in every discipline necessary to ensure that your home is and stays your dream home. From plumbing to painting, from drywall to flooring, we do it all. Call us today and let us know what repairs or renovations you need, and we’ll schedule a consultation for an estimate.