Copper Work/Piping

Certain government agencies have estimated that water leaks can result in over 10,000 gallons of water wasted per household, per year. Getting your pipes repaired can have an extraordinary effect on your water bills, including lower energy costs. It can also prevent lasting damage to your home or business, as water damage can have devastating results. And aside from the budgetary concerns, taking care of these leaks can lead to a leaner, greener lifestyle. For your family, your home, and our planet, it pays to contact Epic Home Repairs & Remodeling ASAP to fix your leaking pipes.

Pipe repairs can pay for themselves over time. Furthermore, they can prevent more severe damage from occurring to your home. Call Epic Home Repairs & Remodeling today for the best Denver copper work. We can repair any problem your pipes have. Don’t trust a random handyman. Call for an estimate today!

Do You Need a Whole House Re-pipe Service?

Older homes in the Denver area can have unwanted minerals, bacteria, or even lead contamination. Past piping technologies are out of date. Even with proper upkeep, plumbing should be re-piped every 40 years. Also, great maintenance can’t necessarily overcome the issues related to inferior, out of date pipes. The metal used in older pipes can break down. This results in unsafe water, leaking, and pipe breakage, which can endanger your family and your home. It’s imperative to have your pipes inspected a minimum of every 20 years. Our skilled technicians can inspect your pipes and perform necessary repairs. Or they can re-pipe your entire home. It could cost less than you imagine. Call for a consultation to find out just how affordable a whole-home re-piping can be.

A lot of piping in Denver is out of date, costing home and business owners untold dollars per year. You can count on Epic Home Repairs & Remodeling for exceptional professional leak repair and pipe replacement. We are also happy to install piping in your new Colorado home. Call today for a consultation so that we can give you a reasonable estimate.

Don’t Cut Corners

Your home’s plumbing is one of the most important aspects of its value. Don’t shortchange your home’s value by allowing your plumbing to leak, damage your foundation, or introduce contaminants into your water. You’ll save money and increase your home’s value in the long run by participating in regular pipe maintenance. Don’t trust just any fly-by-night company; engage the services of a proven home improvement company by calling Epic Home Repairs & Remodeling today. Our customer service agents are standing by.

Are you wondering what pipe installation, repair, and replacement services we offer? Call Epic Home Repairs & Remodeling today. Our exceptionally trained professional techs can repair pipes, plumbing, water leaks, and sewers. We can also address sewer pipe cleaning, and much more. Just give us a call. We’re standing by to help you!